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Storabutt - Complete

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Manufacturer: Aftco

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Aftco Storabutt is a handle-and-reel seat combination designed especially for big game anglers who use curved butts. The reel seat is ferruled at both ends to permit removal of the butt section of your rod without having to also remove your reel, thereby disturbing your terminal tackle. Other features include ease of rod storage and switching from a straight butt to a curved on the same rod easily and quickly with the storabutt system. These big game rod butts are interchangeable with all of your offshore rods. The #2, #4, & #6. Storabutts fit the ferrule on your existing rods of the same size. Very easy and nice way to get double duty out of your tackle. The Storabutt is available in either curved or straight models for 50-lb. to 130-lb. class rods. This makes it easier to store curved butts, especially on boats where storage is a problem. Don't be fooled with copies that will fail, corrode, fade, cross thread etc. We have seen it all and American Fishing Tackle Company is our ONLY choice for anglers worldwide. Please don't hesitate to call Black Hook with any questions at (954)-653-4930 and let us professionally assist you with your purchase.
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