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Wax Line

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Manufacturer: Black Hook

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     Black Hook Wax Line. Also known as Nylon Rigging Floss, waxline has many uses in the marine environment; it's an item you'll be glad to have in your tackle box. This waxed nylon floss can be used for wrapping skirts and tails to jig and lure heads, wrapping monofilament and dacron splices, mono to braided spectra, whipping and wrapping and tying bait to hooks. Your tackle box should never be without waxline!

  • Waxed Nylon Floss can be used for..
    • Wrapping skirts and tails to jig and lure head.
    • Wrapping monofilament and dacron splices.
    • Mono to braided spectra.
    • Whipping and wrapping.
    • Tying bait to hooks
    • Securing squid heads.
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