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Meterials needed: Hook with leader, wax rigging floss, bait rigging needles, bait knife, and squid
First: Take a 18" to 20" inch pice of wax rigging line and thread it through the eye of the rigging needle. Then turn the squid on its side and push the needle through the head of the squid starting on the bottom side ( the bottom has the flaps of skin on it ) push the needle out the top and pull the wax line through till there is about 8" inch left on the side you started on. Then with the needle still threaded push it through the body of the squid about a 1/4" ot 1/2" inch back from the head and push it through to the bottom side. Next with tag ends of the wax line tie a overhand knot in the waxline and pull it tight. Then put the two pices togther and tie a single surgeons loop in the wax line.
Then pull opposate directions and pull tight aginst the squid and cut off tag end.  
Last:  place squid upside down and useing our premade swordfish squid rigs measure up so that the tag end is up to the top of the mantle ( the mantle is the middle part of the squid where the fins meet the body) then where the bend of the hook is make a hole with the tip of the hook, where the bend is. Then start by pokeing the hook through to the middle of the squid where the top of the crimp is when it was measured up and proseed to where the hole you made is and pull the hook out through that hole and pull until the tag end is through the top hole and push the tag end up the middle of the mantle and pull the leader back tight.
Finally: Take a 12" to 18" inch pice of wax line and thread it through the rigging needle and then find where the chafe loop is that goes through the eye of the hook and push the needle through the squid and through that loop and pull through the other side of the squid. Make both ends of the wax line the same lenght on both sides and then use a singke overhand knot then tie a surgeons loop in the wax line. Then pull opposate directions and pull tight aginst the squid and cut off tag end.  
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