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Supplies needed: Lure, crimpers, mono, crimp, chafe tube, electrical tape, hookset, ice pick, zap-a-gap glue and, rubber stopper.
First: Place stopper on ice pick through hole and place generous amount of zap-a-gap to the surface of the rubber stopper.
Next: Place rubber stopper ( still on ice pick ) on the back side of lure as pictured and hold for 40 to 50 seconds or until dry.
                                          Then: take your pice of mono and place the sleeve then the pice of chafe tube on (in that order) and slide it through the eye of the top hook on your hookset. Then crimp the mono sleeve useing the crimpers.
After that: Take your electrical tape, starting on the shrink wrap on the top hook of your hook set and wrap up to your mono crimp (be generous the more the better). Make soure to end on your mono crimp.
Finally: Take then end of the mono with nothing on it and place it through the bottom of the lure out the top and pull through until you are at the mono crimp. Then make soure your bottom hook is faceing douwn and the back hook is faceing up then pull the leader on the top of the lure until the crim is up inside the stopper. then trim skirt to your taste. 

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