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Hayabusa Sabiki D-119-15

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Manufacturer: Hayabusa

Sabiki Rig Hage-Aurora 8 drop size 15 40lb main 14lb branch
[D-119-15] - Hayabusa USA

  • Preferred East coast goggle eye rig. Also suitable for blue runners or large bait fish. Hayabusa Hage-Auroa Sabiki is an ultra one-touch fishing set. Available in 8 hook jig set. Available in hook size 6. Gold Hooks. Entire rig length 4' 8" long. 8 rigs per package.

    How to Fish - To catch fish such as mackerel, herring, smelt and Spanish mackerel, use a 6 to 9-hoot light action rod with a spinning reel. Tie the SABIKI rig to the line and attach a chum cage to the end.

    The best chum is frozen kill, but when it is unavailable, try minced squid or possibly pet food. Remember to use plenty of chum at all times. Quickly drop the rig into the water to the depth of the school of fish. Slowly lift up the rod tip, allowing the chum to scatter downward; then rapidly lower the rig into the now dispersed chum and into the mouths of the frenzied fish below. Repeat this motion several times. If you still do not get hit, reel in your line, refill the chum cage and try again. Once you have a fish on, remember to wind up the line slowly in order to prevent tearing the hook from the fish's mouth, as well as to retrieve more fish. This slow reeling in of the line is the key to successful SABIKI fishing.


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