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Chum Basket - Dimensions: 8"x4"x13"

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Manufacturer: Black Hook
This chum basket also known as chum pot is one of the finest fishing chum baskets made. For those who take fish chumming serious, this fishing chum basket is built for the serious fisherman who needs a fish chum holder product that will hold up to fish chumming in saltwater for many years of use. His intentions were to make a fish chum product very durable to eliminate wasted expense on buying those throw away fish chum bags. Most fish chum bags absorb the fish oils, water etc. which in return causes a very fishy smell if not washed out with soap and water, then hung out to dry after every use. This fish chum basket has a very slick finish and will not absorb any water or fish chum oils for virtually no cleanup. Simply empty and rinse the chum basket of all remaining fish chum, it's that easy! Unlike regular fishing chum block bags, this fishing chum pot sinks very rapidly to be able to chum fish when fishing at any desired depth under normal current conditions. Dimensions: 8"x4"x13".
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